Experimental drum PFI

The PFI offers you the possibility to perform tests rationally. The results of those tests can be scaled up to the production machines. We supply the PFI with 2, 4 or 6 drums as required. Every two drums are connected to an electrical water heating circuit. The temperature range is between 20°C and 80°C. Desired and actual values can be controlled separately for each heating circuit and can be seen on a digital display. The heating system is so effective that the maximum deviation of the float temperature to the temperature of the heating system is 2°C which gives you the possibility to carry out tests with confidence on this basis. All drums are driven by one electric motor and each one can be disconnected separately. The speed is infinitely variable. Motor running and stop times can be selected as required. The direction of rotation reverses after each stop. The drums and collector trays are manufactured of high grade stainless steel 316 TI. The chemicals are loaded through the integrated funnel or through the door. They are washed through the perforated section in the carefully designed sliding door.


PFI - state of the art in your laboratory

Machine types

number 30032 30034 30036
diameter (mm) 300 300 300
width (mm) 150 150 150
volume (liter) 10 10 10
shaved weight (kg) 2x1 4x1 6x1
drum speed (rpm) 10/50 10/50 10/50
motor power (kW) 0,4 0,4 0,4
heating (kW) 1 2 3

PFI 30036

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PFI 30034

PFI drum

PFI with funnel

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