Water dosing system

No tannery without water. Water is precious. In the correct temperature and amount it is the most important solvent in the tannery. Zhe Dosemix IPC adds water in the correct temperature and amount to several drums. It makes the best from your hot and cold water resources. The Dosemix IPC is ahead again doing this job. The Dosing unit stores up to 100 orders. The input is made easily with the control panel. The display shows all information. The Dosemix IPC steadily measures pressure and temperature in the hot and cold water line. The computer works out the correct position of the 2 independent control valves. The stainless steel static mixer allows to measure the mixing temperature within a short distance. With this value, the computer instantly makes the fine adjustment. An additional sensor checks the system. Within seconds the correct temperature is adjusted and the water is directed into the drum. The measure screen with turbine in the bypass (or as option the inductive volumeter without moving parts) sends the amount to the computer which closes the pneumatic valve and finishes the order. The Dosemix IPC is so fast that it works out several orders in a minute. No liter is lost. The Dosemix IPC works with self optimising principles. All components are based on decades of constructing water mixing units for tanneries. With Ethernet, the future is already included.


As standard, the Dosemix IPC is equipped with: IPC-control, 6 consumer valves and one recycling valve. More or less valves are possible. Other sizes on request.


Machine types and options

Number NW 15 NW 25 NW 50 NW 80 NW 100 NW 125
Electrical supply (watt) 200 200 200 200 200 200
Water pipe diameter 1/2" 1" 2" 3" 4" 5"
Water pressure (bar) 0,5/6 0,5/6 0,5/6 0,5/6 0,5/6 0,5/6
Temperature zone (°C) 10/90 10/90 10/90 10/90 10/90 10/90
1/4" compressed air connection (bar) 4,5/5 4,5/5 4,5/5 4,5/5 4,5/5 4,5/5
Flow rate with 1bar pressure (liter/min) 25 100 500 1000 1500 2000


  • machine stand
  • chilled water connection
  • extra consumer valves

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Dosemix with IPC

Dosemix operational scheme

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