Chemical dosing system

The traditional method of producing complex or highly accurate chemical compounds on a production basis has largely been a manual exercise. This tends to be labour intensive, as one compounder is needed to produce a single batch at any particular time. However, recent developments in technology have meant that the process of producing compounds has become much more automated.


The Dose Automatic Chemical Dosing System enables the user to control the dispensing of a number of products, completely automatically. Weighing of between 1 and 28 components in any formula is possible. The Chemdos standard model is able to work with 6 consumers (Drums), less or more are possible. Special models or wishes on request. Dispensing is computer controlled, utilising an industry standard stainless steel scale. On completion of each dispense the mixer is programmed to ensure the thorough incorporation of the dispensed chemicals. Once dispensing, mixing and product transfer is complete, washing of the mixing tank takes place prior to the next formula being weighed.


Machine types

Type Chemdos 150 Chemdos 500 Chemdos 850 Chemdos 1200
Capacity (liter) 150 500 850 1200
Pipe to dosing valve 1" 1" 2" 2"
Consumer 6 standard, more or less on request
Number of chemicals Weighing 1 to 28 chemicals

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