Production drums

For soaking, liming, tanning, retanning and colouring

Dosemat SD The Dosemat SD is the smaller version of the DD. The SD brings all the advantages of the DD into smaller production quantities.
Dosemat DD The Dosemat DD - the superior machine for making leather. The hides are processed uniformly by the patented jet-cross-flow. No tears but effective and gentle action by the Y-Division.
Dosemat DM/SM (Motion) The dosemotion is a leather processing machine that combines the exellent characteristics of a jet-cross-flow float circulation system, a simple construction and the latest findings relating to the leather action in the drum.

Experimental drums

For soaking, liming, tanning, retanning and colouring

VG direct heat Leather is fashion. To create new products is rather expensive. The VG helps to make developments sure of success.
VGI indirect heat The original VGI experimental drum today has set the standard in the laboratory. Its indirect electrical heating system allows to test with or without float, always temperature controlled.
PFI color match The PFI offers you the possibility to perform tests rationally. The results of those tests can be scaled up to the production machines. We supply the PFI with 2, 4 or 6 drums as required.

Dosing systems

For water, liquid chemicals and liquid colours

Dosemix No tannery without water. Water is precious. In the correct temperature and amount it is the most important solvent in the tannery. The Dosemix IPC adds water in the correct temperature and amount to several drums.
Chemdos The Dose Automatic Chemical Dosing System enables the user to control the dispensing of a number of products, completely automatically. Weighing of between 1 and 28 components in any formula is possible.
Powder dosing The dose powder dosing system for automatic powder dispensing is designed for precise weighing and save dispensing of different components in any formula.


For stainless steel and wooden drums with complete process and recipe management

Control System The IPC control secures a constant leather quality. One screen shows all important information like temperature, the total running time, step running time and much more. The IPC is able to save 20 recipes composed of 500 steps.
Process control The all new state of the art tannery automation for the future. Total process control, web technology and online visualisation is now available.
Process management WebControl is the perfect programm for tannery automation. It is the final component from the product range of Dose, enabling operating from a central point.