Dose Gerbereimaschinen und Systemtechnik GmbH is based in Lichtenau in the south-west of Germany. With its high automation standard and more than 60 years experience in the tanning sector, Dose is able to give you a possibility for more economic and efficient work in your tannery.


1947 Ludwig Dose sen. starts with stainless steel doors for wooden drums
1966 Production of the first stainless steel experimental drum VG and VGI
1976 A new innovation arrived at Dose, the Dosemat (production drum)
1977 Ludwig and Werner Dose start with Dose Maschinenbau GmbH
1980 New moves in electrical and software field
1995 A new Dose Company for sale and service starts in Italy
2001 New innovation in Automation and Process Control
2003 Development of the new WebControl-Software
2011 Dose is now part of the Ring Group, Pirmasens