Production drums
Stainless steel drums for soaking, liming, tanning, retanning and colouring. Up to 63.000 litres and 6800 kg shaved weight
Experimental drums
Stainless steel drums for improved developing of your new products
Dosing systems
Automatic dosing of hot and cold water up to 2000 liter per minute. Automatic dosing of up to 28 chemicals.
Complex production system with high accurate chemical compunds, easy control- able with built-in touchscreen or by using any Webbrowser.
The constant quest for perfection is the reason for the development of new machines and methods and the use of new materials.

The Dose machines and plants are the result of consistent development work with the aim of achieving even more profitable and better earnings for the leather industry.

Quality is in demand, and who doesn't like to have good things around! Quality has its price. But not only design and colour make a product good: the material is important. A high-quality material is the prerequisite for an attractive product. For a product that conquers markets.

Worldwide partner for high-tech leather production. Specialist in producing stainless steel tannery drums, water and chemical dosing machines.
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3 compartment drum with indirect heating system in double wall design

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